The Credits Page!

Advice and SSC-contact (through internet): Christian Wuchold
Supplier of models and SSC-contact (through snail-mail): Peter Bockes
Advice on page-layout: Marko Lutters, Michel Versteeg, Raymond Dave Vink
Large dealer catalogs: Intertoys Gouda
Images and help: Douglas J. Breithaupt, Hans Weening

Scans from dealer catalog are copyright of Sieper Werke, Germany.
Scan from the cover of "RAWE 1997" is copyright of W. Raschke / M. Weise.
Scans from the cover of "Sikurier" and SSC-logo are copyright of the Siku Sammler Club.
Scans from the actual models are copyright of Remco Natrop unless otherwise mentioned.