The Models Page! - F


mobile crane, red "feuerwehr", 2914/3127
Airport water cannon, red/white, 3411


Berlinetta 275 GTB, gold metallic, 1012
F 40, red, 1075
GTO, various colors, 1060


40 CA, small bulldozer, yellowish bone white/red, V238
Ducato, camping car, white, 2536


12 M, skyblue, V203
20 M, traffic green, V283
20 M TS OSI, pastel blue, V276
Capri 1700 GT, orange, V310
Capri 1700 GT, policecar, white, V235
Cargo, breakdown truck with car, kadmium yellow, 2520nl
Cargo, lemonade truck, red/white, 2918
Cargo, trailer with rescue helicopter, kadmium yellow, 3719
Cargo, trailer with rescue helicopter, kadmium yellow "ANWB" (dutch motorist service), 3719
Continental Mk. III (Lincoln), orange, V298
Escort GL, skyblue, 1048
F 500,green-beige, V222
Fiesta, various colors, 0845
Galaxy, breakdown service, kadmium yellow, 1323
Granada, kadmium yellow, 1028
Granada, firebrigade commandocar, red/white, 1617
Granada, with trailer and boat, kadmium yellow, 1914
GT 40, bright pastelblue, V296
GT 40, goldmetallic/black, 1016
Mondeo, pale yellow, 1057
Sierra 2.3 Ghia, various colors, 1056
Sierra 2.3 Ghia, taxi, bright bone white "taxi no.777" (british), 1310gb
T5 Mustang Mach 1, kadmium yellow/black, V330
T5 Mustang Mach 1, kadmium yellow/black, 1027
Transit TSF, fire tender, red, V237
Transit, police troop van, white, V324
Transit, schoolbus, orange, V334
Transit, police troop van, green, 1615