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DV 10, roller, dark orange/grey, 2935

Hanomag Henschel

F 201S-2A, tanker truck, skyblue/white "aral", V288
F 201S-2A, container transporter, traffic green/yellow/red, V318
F 201S-2A, mobile brake-test facility, kadmium yellow/white, 343
Robust 900, various colors, 1611
Robust 900, with trailer, various colors, 1913
Small truck, skyblue, V338
Small truck, various colors, 1616
Towtruck, green/yellow, V257


BO 105, rescue helicopter, various colors, 2222/2224
BO 105, rescue helicopter, red "securite civile" (french), 2224fr
BK 117, rescue helicopter, red "air ambulance" (french), 2228fr