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My history:

For me it all started in the early 80's. My parents were, and still are, fascinated by minerals, rocks and gemstones. Having started their own small business they often travelled to a place in Germany called Idar-Oberstein, famous for it's gem-cutters. They would spend hours and hours sorting out the pieces they wanted to buy at a variety of shops, leaving me and my younger sister behind with a friend who ran a small hotel. However, when they came back they would often bring a present along. And that's how I got my first Siku model-cars.

The first models I had were the Opel Kadett SR (1047) and the Volvo N12 cement-mixer (2817). For a very long time it were my favourite toys. I liked them more than the other cars I had because it were models I saw driving around on the street and the truck was actually larger than the car (unlike many other brands who built their models in one size like matchbox). My parents must have noticed because they gave me some more models. For instance the Mercedes Benz 250(/8) (1020) and the M.A.N.-VW small truck (1625).

When I was about 15 years old I sold all my miniature cars (matchbox, majorette, corgi etc. over 300 of 'em) but I always kept all the Siku models (except for the cement-mixer which was wrecked in heavy play). I am now in my early 20's and I have once again picked up collecting Siku metal miniature cars in the Super Serie (1:55/1:60). The Siku models have always fascinated me and will probably keep doing so for many years to come. Personally I think for miniature models in this scale they are some of the most detailed models in the toy-market.

My collection now counts over 1950 models and continues to expand. I am one of the founders of the 'Siku Club Nederland', a club for dutch Siku collectors! Also I am a member of the 'Siku Sammler Club' which is a must for every collector! More information can be found on the 'club' page! I will list every model in my collection in the 'models' section with specifications and most with images!! These pages will only feature models in the Super Serie (1:55/1:60) although Siku also has the Farmer Serie (1:32) and the 'one-size' models (75mm, former Club Serie)!