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Title: Siku-sammlerkatalog RAWE 1997
Authors: Wilfried Raschke and Manfred Weise
ISBN: 3-9802941-3-7
Plastic, Metal V200's, Metal 1000's, farmer serie, club serie, accessories, promotional models (from 1955 till 1996). Also models for foreign markets and models produced in Hungary.
All models are sorted by number with b/w picture, full details, specifications and possible variants.

Price: Coverprice is 52 D-mark
Language: German

Title: Sikurier
Comes: 4 times a year
Authors: Various Siku Sammler Club members
A changing variety of interesting Siku subjects, info on new models and alternative versions, small ads, history etc.

Price: One SSC-membership (see the club page!)
Language: German