A History of Siku Model Cars - Part II: Go Metal!

With the 1960's things started to change in Germany. Large quantities of Matchbox die cast models were imported and promoted. For the first time the Sieper company encountered competition in their home country from foreigners who brought models made from a more robust material: zinc. The zinc made models quickly became popular in Germany and Sieper decided to start production on their own range of die cast models.

V220 - Tempo MatadorV221 - Mercedes 300 SL RoadsterV234 - Porsche 901 Sieper started reconfiguring their casting-moulds that were installed in 1949 and used for making Mercedes' star-shaped hood ornament. The factory in Ludenscheid was outfitted with installations for grating, sandblasting and painting the zinc cast models. Sieper concentrated on the production so hard that they even discontinued their successful 'F' series of 1:250 plastic aircraft.

The first four die cast 'V' series Siku models were presented in January 1963, another four on the 'Nurnberger Spielwarenmesse' in March, the next four in August and finally the last four in November. (Sieper still maintains the tradition of distributing their new models in four separate waves a year.) In 1968 there were 68 die cast 'V' models, more being added every year. The plastic gradually disappeared.

V237 - Ford Transit fire brigade vanV238 - Fiat 40 CA small dozerV253 - Mercedes 600 Pullman 1969 brought the next foreign competitor to Germany. Mattel introduced their 'Hot Wheels'. Sieper immediately responded by improving the rolling abilities of their passenger cars and calling them 'Siku - Flitzern'. All models now had new axles, suspension and bearings and were packaged in special boxes between 1970 and 1972. Sieper started to export their own models abroad to build up a reputation that would grow till the end of the 70's. The factory in Ludenscheid stopped producing anything else than die cast models and the other activities were relocated to other factories. The name changed to 'Sieper - Werke' (which indicates the company owns more than one factory).

V255 - Buick Wildcat Sport CoupeV262 - Pontiac Bonneville CabrioletV265 - Cadillac Fleetwood 75 The various price ranges were easy to spot because the boxes the models were in had a color according to price range (blue, green, yellow, red etc.). In 1973 Sieper dropped the 'V' from their identification system thus 17 models exist which only have a three-digit number. In 1975 the complete administration of Sieper is no longer done by hand, but electronically. The result of this is that the various price ranges are no longer identified by the color on the packaging, but by their number. This is the birth of the 1000's series where the number is made up out of a two-digit price range number and a two-digit model number (I.e. price range 10 and model number 11 make model 1011). The 1000's series will be discussed in the next and final part of this story.

V267 - Oldsmobile ToronadoV277 - Pontiac GTO CabrioletV298 - Ford Continental Mark III The metal 'V' series often have gem-cut glass-, or clear plastic headlights in the early years which are later integrated in the chassis. In the early 70's Sieper started to experiment with wheels and windows. Many variations are possible in wheel types and window colors. Windows can either be clear, transparent- brown, yellow, green or blue. Most of these variations are only interesting for people who collect Siku. Prices range from $ 15 to $ 200 (mint with box).

Below is a list of the metal 'V' series Siku produced between 1963 and 1974:

V201 Fiat 1800
V202 BMW 1500
V203 Ford 12 M
V204 Opel Kadett
V205 Ford 17 M turnier
V209 Cadillac Model 61
V211 VW Transporter (T1)
V212 VW T1 police van
V218 Porsche Standard T
V220 Tempo Matador
V221 Mercedes 300 SL
V222 Ford F500
V223 Opel Rekord '63
V224 DKW F 12
V225 Trailer
V226 Opel Caravan 1500 '63
V228 Jeep with trailer
V229 Mercedes 230 SL
V230 VW 1200
V231 VW 1200 detector car
V232 Ford 17 M
V233 Binz ambulance
V234 Porsche 901
V234 Porsche 911 Targa
V235 Porsche 901 police car
V235 Ford Capri police car
V237 Ford Transit TSF f.b. van
V238 Fiat 40 CA small dozer
V239 Fiat 40 CA small planer
V241 Zettelmeyer roller trailer
V242 hayrack
V244 Fiat 1800 taxi
V244 Mercedes 250 SE taxi
V244 Mercedes 250/8 taxi
V245 Oldsmobile 98 Coupe
V246 Ford 12 M with trailer
V246 Ford 15 M with trailer
V247 VW 1500 Variant
V248 VW Karmann Ghia 1500
V249 Faun K 10/26 AP tipper
V250 Mercedes 190 police car
V250 Mercedes 250 police car
V251 Ford Transit crew cab
V252 Opel Kapitan '64
V253 Mercedes 600 Pullman
V254 V218 with tipper trailer
V255 Buick Wildcat Coupe
V256 Mercedes 250 SE
V257 Ford F500 tow truck
V257 Henschel tow truck
V258 Liebherr AK 50 B crane
V259 trailer
V260 Klaus Autoshovel
V261 Metz DL 30 H fire engine
V262 Pontiac Bonneville Cabrio
V263 Wood transport trailer
V264 Tempo Matador + canoe
V264 Ford Transit + canoe
V265 Cadillac Fleetwood 75
V266 BMW 2000 CS
V267 Oldsmobile Toronado
V268 Ford Transit minivan
V269 Ferrari Ber. 275 GTB
V270 Zettelmeyer Europ L 2000
V271 Opel Rekord Coupe
V272 V226 with ski's and sled
V273 Ford Taunus 15 M
V274 Magirus M250 refuse tr.
V275 Magirus M250 car trans.
V276 Ford OSI 20 M TS
V277 Pontiac GTO Cabriolet
V278 Tipper trailer
V279 V252/V283 with caravan
V280 Euclid S - 7/E 915R
V281 Magirus M250 tipper
V282 Corvette Sting Ray
V283 Ford 20 M
V284 Ford 17 M Turnier
V285 Porsche Carrera 906
V286 Opel Olympia
V287 Hanomag Robust 900
V288 Hanomag tanker truck
V289 Magirus constr. trans.
V290 Citroen DS 21
V291 Magirus cement mixer
V292 Mercedes 406 D rescue
V293 Mercedes DL 30 H crane
V294 Jaguar E 2 + 2
V295 Maserati Mistral
V296 Ford GT 40
V297 Toronado + boat
V298 Ford Continental Mk III
V299 Zettelmeyer Europ S12
V300 VW 411
V301 Fiat 850 Sport coupe
V302 Mercedes 280 SL
V303 V287 + V263
V304 Opel GT 1900
V305 Mercedes 406 D mail van
V306 Binz Europ 1200 L amb.
V307 Hanomag garage trans.
V308 Audi 100 LS
V309 Mercedes 250/8
V310 Ford Capri 1700 GT
V311 VW 1300
V312 Porsche 914/6
V313 Ford 17 M ADAC
V314 V222 + V225
V315 V222 + V278
V316 Toyota 2000 GT
V317 Lamborghini Espada
V318 Hanomag cont. trans.
V319 Mercedes LP 608 ADAC
V320 VW T1 detector van
V320 VW T2 detector van
V321 Alfa Romeo Montreal
V322 Citroen SM
V323 Ford Transit crew cab
V324 Ford Transit police van
V325 Menck crane grabber
V326 Michigan 180 tractor
(V327 does not exist)
V328 Pontiac GTO 'The Judge'
V329 V287 + trailer
V330 Ford T5 Mustang Mach 1
V331 M.A.N. 8.156 F tanker
V332 Faun Metz water cannon
V333 V317 + tent trailer
V334 Ford Transit schoolbus
V335 MB LP 608 D with signs
V336 MB LP 608 D silo trans.
V337 Faun snowplough
V338 Henschel small truck
V339 Mercedes 406 D rescue
V341 BMW 2000 CS police
V342 Ford 17 M Kombi f.b.
343 Hanomag brake test tr.
344 Lamborghini Espada f.b.
345 VW T2 radar van
346 Porsche 914/6 pace car
347 Magirus M250 tipper
348 M.A.N. cont. truck
349 M.A.N. truck
350 Hanomag with crane
351 Maserati Boomerang
352 V289+V218+V238+V239
353 Audi 100 LS doctor
354 V338 + matching trailer
355 Hanomag gas st. trans.
356 VW T2 ambulance
357 Mercedes 406 D rescue
360 Henschel with oil tank
361 Unimog mail truck
362 Magirus M250 skip loader