The Club Page!

The Siku Sammler Club / The Siku Collectors Club

What is the SSC?

The SSC is a club that consists of over 300 Siku fanatics. Most of the club members are german, but not all! There are members in The Netherlands (like me), Belgium, Switzerland and even the U.S.

What do I get when I join the SSC?

1. Their club magazine "Sikurier", which brings you up-to-date info and much, much more! You will receive it four times a year. !! This magazine is in german !!
2. The chance to obtain the exclusive SSC-models noted as 'sondermodelle' which are limited to the number of SSC-members. They are usually offered once or twice a year and only to members. See below!
3. Free models when the club has sufficient funds. Models come with exclusive print and are only available to members.
4. Reduction on tickets for the collector-markets which the club organises in Germany.
5. A chance to visit the Sieper Werke factory in Germany.
6. Access to other collectors selling duplicates through the small ads!
7. One SSC-membercard, a colorful siku image with your number in a plastic sleeve!

So how much cash do I lose?

For a club that's offering that much the price you have to pay is surprisingly low! What you pay is 30 D-mark a year and postage. This money is spent on the magazine, free models, cheap SSC-models and the markets. So one way or another you always get something in return!

How can I reach the SSC?

That's easy!
Go to their internet site:
Or E-mail them directly:

You can also reach them by snail-mail (regular mail):

	Dr. Wilfried Raschke		or		Peter Bockes
	Oskar-Wachtel-Weg 17				Johannesstr. 35
	D-44149 Dortmund				D-53225 Bonn
	Germany						Germany